Thursday, January 15, 2009

Naked Raygun On (Reversed or played in the right direction err forward .. yeah)

Real quick one here tonight, I present to you Naked Raygun's song On played in reverse or actually they put the song on the lp backwards so this is the song played .. umm forward ,,, right ... got it?

So for all who never played their lp backwards to hear it .. here you go

Image taken from their site, I wanted a pic of Jim Colao & Camilo Gonzalez and the boys, they're in this pic .. somewhere, you can kinda see Jim ... behind Jeff ... next to ... either Cam or John, i can't tell at the moment ... oh yeah ,,, good days ...

rock on bitches!


Gantry said...

Awesome, thanks for posting.

Blink said...

Hi Ottodeth,
Thank for posting all these. The file on mediafire for this one is no longer there.