Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Model Army Live Espace Ornano Paris April 30th 1991

New Model Army Live Espace Ornano Paris April 30th 1991

Sound quality is 'A'.

Where to start, i received around 25 NMA live and demos cassettes in the mail from a nice man from France, We'll just call him Raf. By the way if you know Raf give him a big hug and buy him whatever he's drinking on me, can't thank you enough man!

Mr Raf did an exceptional job on 2 of these tapes, the ones posted now, because he was the one of recorded the concert. I had to mix the original tapes down very little, actually all I did was filter out tape hiss, no other filter was applied to either recording.

These shows are great, as usual NMA always deliver, always have and always do.

Ed brings about an different intro to Vagabonds, I refer to this one as "Celtic Intro", to the one found on the record, of course this I'm comes to no surprise to those who saw NMA live during the 'Ed years' (good years too, I saw him with the band 3 times ... right?!? think so ... any way, I liked it when he was an open'er for the band, just Ed on stage of the Metro belting out a channel to the ghosts of composers past, ....) off track ... right vo vas ich?!? Right Ed ... plays it a bit different ... I think I have, including the original lp stylee (yeah pronounce it with the double e, its Mikey Dread style ...e) 4 different intros to the song ... ,,, any way.. its fun ...

My fav new NMA live moment is perhaps on this recording ... on 125mph ... guitar solo ... love it love it love it .... bloody BRILLIANT!!! ..... i honestly do love it ... if nothing else dl pt02 and listen to that one song ... pay fecking attention ... there wont be a test later ...

2 part post ... coz im a cheap sod who doesn't want to pay for an upgraded mediafire account ....

Mp3 audio source: cassette

Covers created by me, thanx to the original photographer.

01 Christian Militia
02 Ambition
03 Stupid Questions
04 Space
05 Purity
06 Smalltown England
07 Green & Grey
08 Vagabonds (Celtic Intro)
09 White Coats
10 All Of This
11 51st State
12 Get Me Out
13 Better Than Them
14 Lust For Power
15 Notice Me
16 225
17 I Love the World
18 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / In A Rut
19 125mph (Guitar Solo Version)
20 Vengeance




habanero said...

Many thanks for this posting. NMA are as brilliant as ever. I saw them live twice last month. Mind blowing!! I can't wait for those other boots you mention Cheers!

Valstar Superstar said...

Hi ! 12 years later, are you still around ? :)
I'd like very much this gig, went to the Elyséé Montmarte and Le Plan gigs the same years but missed this one ! :)
Thanks a lot