Friday, July 31, 2009

Die Kreuzen Demos 1983

Die Kreuzen Demos 1983

Sound quality is 'A'.

Right so here's the 2nd set of demos, and the last. Early die kreuzen was brilliant. They issued some stuff on comps and the cows and beer ep, all great.

But when they issued their 1st full length lp, die kreuzen it was fuckin awesome!!!! I don't know what happened to Dan's voice, and I usually don;t go for the high pitched screechin, but man 'o motherfuckin man did that ever add an extra level of gut wrenching hardcore street youth angst, pain and perhaps most of all - frustration.

I bought the tshirt with the lp cover on it at a show, man they were amazing ...

I highly recommend seeking out the self titled issued in 1984. I own an original vinyl pressing and i had it on cassette too, but that was given to a friend when i bought October File on cd and to my wonderful surprise saw that the Self Titled album was included.

I still think to this day you can only get it on cd with October File, shame really because it deserves its own issue will all these demos and upcoming stuff I'll be posting by them.

Mp3 source - cassette

Cover created by your truly (nothing special really)

01 Sick People
02 No Time
03 Pain
04 Hate Me
05 No Name
06 Dont Say Please
07 In School
08 This Hope
09 All White


vile76 said...


It seems to be the "real" DIE KREUZEN demo tape released in the old good days...

Are you sure this demo tape is from 1983 ?? It's maybe 1982 ??

So, thanks, your sound quality is also great. I do have the same on CDR (Also bought to NETHERLANDS).

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Anonymous said...

hallo, das ist eine gute,hardcore band so sehr. viele dank von deutschland.... hey hier gibt auch guten bands Zb. vorkriegsjugend

danielrey said...

Thanks for this demo

P A J O said...

Thanks so much! I saw DK in 1984. I bought cows and beer before it was worth a lot of money! the first album is still my favorite hardcore lp of all time. I just heard about this demo recently so you've made me a very happy man! DK circa 81-84 was the greatest band on the planet.

P A J O said...

crap... file is deleted from mediafire. :(