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UK Subs Live In Zagreb Croatia Feb 09th 1993

UK Subs Live In Zagreb Croatia Feb 09th 1993

Sound quality is 'A'.

Available only on the initial copies of Normal Service Resumed, and (dont let them fool ya) in various forms as a few vinyl bootlegs.

I'm posting this live cd because 1) it's feckin rare, 2) it is booted and 3) it rocks and see 1) again.

I'm not posting cd01, the album Normal Service Resumed, because you can still order it fairly easly.

The UK Subs were be a great band (1979 - 1982) and then the band went through a different line up per album which generally produced lps with a few great songs and the majority just complete shit.

Then they reformed (Charlie, Nicky & Alvin, for me the best line up) all but the drummer, for Killing Time a feckin brilliant lp the best to come to light since Endangered Species.

The same year (if I recall correctly) Charlie did another lp as the UK Subs with a different line up and again it was mostly shit with a few great songs thrown in including Motivator and This Gun Say, think that was all the same line up.

Regardless we can see with all the line up changes in Charlies outfit it's feckin hard to keep track. Don't make any corrections in the comments field I'm just trying to prove a point of how the UK Subs became a revolving door band, and I think to date still are. Is Charlie that hard to work with? Is what I've always wondered.

Now the Urban Dogs were a great outfit Charlie and Alvin did together. Check them out.

Anywhoooooo...... Normal Service Resumed was pretty much just that, an actual lp that was by the majority a good lp. bloody good show mate! Tallyho and all that gov'ner.

I've never seen the UK Subs live because by the time I knew of them (the lp Brand New Age / Diminished Responsibility era) I was pretty much still fairly young, 11 or 12, and had only seen the Clash live at this point (fuckin amazin even to a weee lad).

I never liked the set lists for the Subs and this cd again shows for me a weak set list, theres only a few of my fav UK Subs tracks on here, and it always seemed that way from reports I'd get from others who went.

If I ever knew or find out in the future that Charlie. Nicky and Alvin were going to play as the Subs again I'd go see that, maybe. In reality at this point Charlie is what 66? It might be kinda odd to see a senior citizen belting out rage speed rock, it be, well to quote Bauhaus "watch that grand dad go". Might be a train wreck.

All that being said I wanted to post this recording because the quality is great and the level of intensity of the band and crowd is awesome. Makes for a great listen. This would have been the UK Subs show to see.

So give it a listen.

This is a 2 part post.

Mp3 audio source: factory cd

Covers created by me (the front cover, thanx to org phototakerperson) and the tray inlay and cd by someone over at Fallout Jungle Records.

01 Emotional Blackmail
02 Endangered Species
03 Fear Of Girls
04 You Dont Belong
05 Kicks
06 Young Criminals
07 Rat Race
08 Another Cuba
09 Lydia
10 Scum Of the Earth
11 Telephone Number
12 SK8 Tough
13 Warhead
14 Left For Dead
15 Rockers
16 Limo Life
17 Crash Course
18 Brixton
19 All I Wanna Know
20 Not Listening
21 Stranglehold
22 C.I.D.
23 Tomorrows Girls
24 Party In Zagreb
25 I Robot
26 New York State Police