Friday, April 10, 2009

Chicago Ultrarunners Gordon Pirie -Book- Running Fast and Injury Free

Not to scare the regular readers out there, this isn't a music post but a running post. This is for my friends at Chicago Ultrarunners.

It's a book that Gordon Pirie worked on to help fellow runners become stronger and better at our passion. I won't say I agree with everything he says but thats not what its all about.

It is a great and quick read.

It was published in 1996 & 2004 by Dr John S. Gilbody after Gordons passing. It is a free book so no worries about copy write issues.

To download just click on t he link, it'll open in a new window and select "click here to start download"


Single finger salute! said...

A friend just directed me to the blog for the Mission of Burma live sets. I am even more excited to find this running book!

louissyfer said...

happy to be of service, to quote the uk subs, who prob never ran for fun ever, keep on running, til you burn

Anonymous said...

Hi all,

John Gilbody here. Enjoy the book :-)

FYI there's an enhanced version with lots of photos etc. at:
Please share the book as widely as you wish, indeed the more the better. It's what Gordon wanted ;-)