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the Timeout Drawer Dusty Planes And Daydreams Of Adventure

the Timeout Drawer

Sound quality is 'A'.

You really need to be listening to this band. You really need to be listening to this band.

The Timeout Drawer were a great Chicago band, if you like Mogwai and or the Album Leaf then I can't recommend this band enough. If you like post rock and low fi then I can't recommend this band enough.

Chicago and it's surrounding metro has given birth to many great bands and it's generally considered that Naked Raygun are Chicago's finest, and rightfully so. Since them many have come and gone who are also great but there is only one other band that I would hang the medal of Chicago's finest around and that is the Timeout Drawer.

I'm no Timeout Drawer historian but in 2006 was their last recorded output and sometime in 2008 the members of the Timeout Drawer decided to start recording / preforming again under the name Beak, which is a more post metal outfit. There are a few tracks on myspace (acck hate myspace & facebook) and I've not been able to really get into them like the I did the older material. Which for me sux because I would love to be able to add more of their sound to my collection.

I don't generally post bands studio recordings and with permission of Chris Eichenseer (the drummer) I'm posting a compilation of tracks from their various releases. The comp is heavy on the album A Difficult Future from 2001 due to it being one of my favorite lps of all time.

If anyone has any live recordings of session tapes they'd like to share let me know, I'd gladly host them here on the blog.

The record company owned by Chris Eichenseer (and maybe a few others i don't know) that distribute the Timeout Drawers and other great bands cds & vinyl:

someoddpilot records

the old Timeout Drawer web presence

Beaks myspace rover

Chris also runs a design company, which has some pretty awesome work on it, I should know I work for a marketing / design company myself. To see that its here:


Mp3 audio source: factory cds

Cover photo image is a promo bio/ press pack from the Timeout Drawer, it was hosted along with others on a website I have since forgotten, photo taken by someone unknown to me.
There are other photos of the band from this period / photographer (both?) on the site that were equaling interesting. I did the type setting, which isn't hard.

01 Lull (Record Of Small Histories 1999)
02 300 Years 100 Pages (A Difficult Future 2001)
03 Dusty Planes & Daydreams Of Adventure (A Difficult Future 2001)
04 Finding A Place In the Sun (A Difficult Future 2001)
05 His Sailing Days Are Over But He Cant Forget the Sea (A Difficult Future 2001)
06 the End Of Every Movie (A Difficult Future 2001)
07 the Gift Theyd Pick If the Choice Were Theirs (A Difficult Future 2001)
08 Domestic Lives Of Computers (Evil Against Evil the Kids In the Neighborhood Grab Their Bats & Remix Abrasive Stuttering 2002)
09 Terrible Secrets Revealed For An Instant By A Flash Of Lightning (Presents Left For the
Living Dead EP 2003)
10 Bursting With Tears I Commit to Destroying You (Nowonmai 2005)
11 Women & Children Line the Rocky Shore (Alone EP 2006)

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Wow, you're right about this band, they are really good. thank you