Thursday, April 9, 2009

New Model Army Roly Demos & Once We Were Warriors Demos

New Model Army Roly Demos & Once We Were Warriors Demos

Sound quality is 'A'.

These are the Roly Demos, a set of various instrumental demos that have been floating around in various sources complied by someone who wanted all the instrumentals in one cd. Some are the same version on my Shot Between the Eyes 3 volume set posted earlier.

Once We Were Warriors is a full set but I edited many out due to 75% being the same as the Shot Between the Eyes sets that I just didn;t see the point of reposting them all. So I added the unissued ones to the Roly set.

Roly Demo set has been some what of a sought after set so I left it unedited.

Track 15 - No Rest, is the missing track from the Radio Sessions album, why it didn't get included on the lp is unknown to me.

Tracks 14 - 17 are from the Once We Were Warriors set. If you want the full set dl my Shot Between the Eyes sets or go to the NMA forum and look in trades, thats where Ian posted it.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> ian mcdonnell

2 part post

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by, the phot was taken by Joolz, I did the image treatment and typesetting.

01 24 Hours (instrumental demo)
02 Roly (instrumental demo)
03 Crash (instrumental demo)
04 Whirlwind (instrumental demo)
05 Ballad Of Bodmin Pill (instrumental demo)
06 225 (instrumental demo)
07 Archway Towers (instrumental demo)
08 Waiting (instrumental demo)
09 I Wish (instrumental demo)
10 Tension (instrumental demo)
11 Coasters (instrumental demo)
12 Christian Militia (demo)
13 Lights go out (instrumental demo)
14 No Mans Land (demo)
15 No Rest (missing track from radio sessions)
16 the Dam (instrumental demo)
17 Whirlwind (demo)




Ian said...

this looks like a great blog. Thanks for posting the NMA items and thanks for posting the Pirie book link.


louissyfer said...

My pleasure, plenty more coming, if you like NMA I have over 25 tapes of live shows to encode and get up here too ...

hope to meet up with everyone soon, enjoy the book

louissyfer said...

testing a new setting


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