Monday, March 30, 2009

Thom Yorke If You Lived Here Youd Be Home By Now

Thom Yorke If You Lived Here Youd Be Home By Now

Sound quality is 'A & B'.

Tracks 01 & 02 Live On Jonathan Ross 2008 - Sound Quality 'A'
Tracks 03 - 06 Live At Free Trade Acoustic Show - Sound Quality 'B'

I know for a fact that Live At Free Trade Acoustic Show is incomplete, if anyone has the rest of the show please get in touch. he tracks on here sound nothing like what turned up on 'In Rainbows' and gives the Radiohead supporter some insight into the history of the songs, there is also a great version of Videotape that predates the final recording that, thought not too different, I find better then what ended up on In Rainbows. I'm sure I'll post it when I finally get around to posting some Radiohead bootlegs.

If there are more tracks to the Jonathan Ross show please, again, get in touch but I'm pretty sure that only 2 tracks were recorded.

Mp3 audio source: mp3

Covers created by, the art is by the awesome Stanley Donwood, view his jigsaw of a wehshite here, you must dig but there is all the eraser artwork and more, I typed the name Thom Yorke on his image.

Stanley's art is pretty awesome and if you're a supporter of Radiohead you'll know his work, he sells his work on his site and if I had the money I'd have been buying it up over the years ..

01 Everything In Its Right Place (live on jonathan ross 2008)
02 Reckoner (live on jonathan ross 2008)
03 Last Flowers (live free trade acoustic show 2005)
04 House Of Cards (live free trade acoustic show 2005)
05 No Surprises (live free trade acoustic show 2005)
06 Reckoner (live free trade acoustic show 2005)


Anonymous said...

Hi, Great Blog! Any chance of please reupping the Wall Of Voodoo Take Me To Your Leader Demos? Mediafire is acting funky about providing them. Thanks much!

louissyfer said...

Thank you,

I just checked the link and downloaded the file from mediafire.

So the zip file is still active. What is the error msg you're getting?

Anonymous said...

Just tried again and it worked fine. Mediafire said "Key for that file was invalid" or something like that. Must have been a hiccup in their system. Thanks for this and all the other great stuff you've posted!