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Radiohead On A Friday & Shindig Demos 1988 - 1990

Radiohead On A Friday & Shindig Demos 1988 - 1990

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So I'm posting these for a dear friend (zup Merideth!) she's a Radiohead junkie and was the one who got me into them. Granted I don't like anything they did until OK Computer and still am not too into that album.

Well Radiohead is like this for me, there's the 'live' band and the 'studio' band and until Amnesiac I really only liked them live, from OK PC on wards. But since Amnesiac I've really come to appreciate they're studio sound as well.

I believe it's because Radiohead started to fight for artistic freedom and indepencene starting with OK PC and really got it with Amnesiac, I loved the songs on Kid A but had only heard live versions for about a year until i finally bought the album.

It just seems to me that Radiohead from OK PC and through Kid A had 2 different sounds, the record company controlled studio sound and the "what we really want these songs to sound like" live sound.

Before the OK PC album I thought, not my cup of tea.

These demos, for me, a supporter of the "free" Radiohead, well I'm not too keen on them at all.

But then what do I know ? <;-)

I do have a good amount of Radiohead live shows and demo collections to get up here, sooner or .. most likely later. This blogish goes by impulse, I go looking for something in the library and come across many other things that interfere with getting one project really going.

As with now, I have about 10 albums on the hdd for the blogish but not one other is a Radiohead at the moment, and when I go back into the archives to pull out something, that archive will have 3 or 4 Radiohead references and I'll then post them.

So is life, full of varity, who wants to eat oatmeal every day? No matter how good it is, need some change.

Info below taken from a couple different websites after a quick google search on the demos, it doesn't cover all the tracks, I'm not too sure what the deal is, if you know leave a comment.

"Before Radiohead were signed, they were called 'On A Friday'. This was because the only time they could practice was on Fridays. They produced the On A Friday demo tape which convinced the management team of Chris Hufford and Bryce Edge to make the Manic Hedgehog demo that eventually got them signed. This was all in 1991, and soon after being signed, the band changed their name to Radiohead, which is the title of a Talking Heads song. The two demos below were cassettes recorded by On A Friday.

The tracks have been circulated on a Radiohead fan site

The first demo dates from 1988 when the band were still called On A Friday, and includes the songs ‘Happy Song’, ‘To Be A Brilliant Light’ and ‘Sinking Ship’.

The second demo is believed to have been recorded in the summer of 1990, when the band had changed their name to Shindig.

-- On A Friday demo tape --

Release Date: April 1991

01. What Is That You Say?
02. Stop Whispering [demo version]
03. Give It Up

The only place to find the tracks 'What Is That You Say?' and 'Give It Up', this tape also contained an early demo version of 'Stop Whispering', which appeared on to the first album Pablo Honey. This demo convinced Radiohead's managers to produce the 'Manic Hedgehog demo'

-- Manic Hedgehog demo tape --

Release Date: October 1991

01. I Can't [manic hedgehog version]
02. Nothing Touches Me
03. Thinking About You [manic hedgehog version]
04. Phillipa Chicken
05. You [manic hedgehog version]

A five track demo, which eventually got the band signed. This contains 3 tracks that were to appear on the debut album Pablo Honey, although they were re-recorded for the album. The other 2 tracks remain On A Friday demos that you can't find on any other release."

Mp3 audio source: mp3

2 Part Post

The image used for the cover is supposedly a pic of Radiohead as "On A Friday" back in 1988. I really don't know if that's true or not.

01 Happy Song
02 To Be A Brilliant Light
03 Sinking Ship
04 Climbing Up A Bloody Great Hill
05 Somebody
06 Mr B
07 What Is That You Say
08 Everyone Needs Someone To Hate
09 Upside Down
10 The Greatest Shindig
11 Give It Up
12 How Can You Be Sure
13 Life With A Big F
14 Keep Strong
15 Rattlesnake
16 Burning Bush
17 Tell Me Bitch
18 New Generation

Part 01

Part 02


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