Friday, January 1, 2010

Big Country Live BBC 1989

Big Country Live BBC 1989

Sound quality is 'A'.

Big Country went through a period I didn't care for too much and the Peace In Our Time album was it, after that album I pretty much lost interest in the band but later on, around 1998 or so I was introduced to some great tracks they recorded in the 90s and set out to locate most of the material I had skipped over.

The Restless Natives & Rarities collections are a great source for that material.

This live set, like so many Big Country shows is just amazing, they really where one hell of a live out fit especially when the original line up was around, lets face it Mark Brzezicki was one of the best drummers ever, the Cult where able to get him for the Love album and we are all lucky for that, amazing drummer.

Unfortunately Stuart took his own life in Hawaii of all places I believe and the roaring days of Big Country came to an end.


Mp3 audio source: mp3

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Peace In Our Time
02 Wonderland
03 the Seer
04 River Of Hope
05 Come Back To Me
06 the Travelers
07 King Of Emotion
08 In A Big Country
09 I Walk the Hill
10 Fields Of Fire


Ian said...

Nice post. I first saw Big County opening for The Jam at Wembley Arena on The Jam's farewell tour (had 5ht row tickets) and was blown away with BG. Got to see them many times. Early stuff like you said was classic. And yeah the Cult got a great drummer for a clssic album. RIP Stuart.

louissyfer said...


Hope you had a great holiday.

Big Country were / are one of my favs (mind you there's about 200 "fav" bands in my book, but still) they played at a higher caliber and wrote excellent songs.

Amazing stuff, I would have loved to be at the Wembley show, I might have a copy of the Jam's set, let me look around. Dont get your hopes up but I just might

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing. Stuart took his life in a hotel room in Hawaii (Jeff Buckley died while swimming near Memphis); Stuart had been living in Nashville, that may be the Tennessee connection you are remembering.

louissyfer said...

yes,, thanx .. i updated the info ...

Anonymous said...

Link's dead... :(

Marcio said...

Post it again pleaaasssee!!