Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Happy Birthday MOZART!!!!

Happy Birthday Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

Who turned 254 today.


I can't even really express the impact Mozart has had on me since a very early age.

On a side note, there's plenty of stuff on the hdd for the blogish, I just need to make images and upload.

To anyone paying attention there should be some fresh content on here by weeks end.

For now listen to some Mozart THE OG Punkrocker


Justin Toxicated said...

Can't be(f'ing)lieve there's been NO comments on this heartfelt blogzart! Being a middle school (not quite old but definitely not new*) punk rocker, I wanted to point out that classical music ROCKS! These guys were the OG unseen, anti-scene definition of doing one's own thing. Mmm Mmm Eeewww, Rock me Amadeus!

*been a Punk fer over 20 yrs.

louissyfer said...

You're not just whistling City Baby Attacked By Rats there, you're spot on!

I too was a bit surprised that no one commented, thank you for doing so.

Mozart was extremely hardcore for his time.