Friday, January 1, 2010

Affirmation Records the Master Tape 1982

Affirmation Records the Master Tape 1982

Sound quality is 'A'.

I went cheap, runnin gout of time here gotta be somewhere, and used the track info from

I tend to like my file names done a bit different but what the hell ... it's 2010 and I need to get somewhere ....

Classic legendary shit.

Mp3 audio source: this one here was from vinyl, not mine (damnit).

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by Aff Recds.

Label: Affirmation Records
Cat. #: 001
Released: 1982

1. TOXIC REASONS "Mercenary"
2. TOXIC REASONS "Drunk and Disorderly"
3. SLAMMIES "Frustrated"
5. SLAMMIES "Manager Breakdown"
6. BATTERED YOUTH "New Patriot"
7. BATTERED YOUTH "We'll Love You When You're Dead"
8. DELINQUENTS "Bible School"
9. DELINQUENTS "Systems Pressure"
10. ZERO BOYS "High Places"
11. ZERO BOYS "Human Body"
12. ZERO BOYS "Mom's Wallet"
13. ARTICLES OF FAITH "Buried Alive"
14. ARTICLES OF FAITH "False Security"
15. REPELLENTS "Think For Yourself"
16. REPELLENTS "Livin' Like an Animal"
18. THE F.U.'S "C.E.T.A. Suckers"
19. THE F.U.'S "Death Wish"
20. THE PATTERN "Unnatural Silence"
21. THE PATTERN "Michelob"
22. DIE KREUZEN "On the Street"
23. DIE KREUZEN "All White"
24. DIE KREUZEN "Fighting"

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Could you please reupload this? Thank you.