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the Sea, Like Lead Discography

the Sea, Like Lead Discography

Sound quality is 'A'.

the Sea, Like Lead, in the same league as Mogwai, the Timeout Drawer and their contemporaries rates in my book as brilliant.

They are, unfortunately, no more. Called it a day in 2006 for reasons unknown. Here is their discography, a short one but none the less amazing.

I generally don't post recent studio stuff without permission from the band and seeing as how I don't post at great rate here I've not even gotten anywhere close to the out of print studio stuff I want to post which will take time coz it's mostly vinyl and a few cassettes, so.

blagh blagh blagh. there better a'?

Posting their output for 2 reasons;

1) All their stuff is sadly very out of print.
2) Due to #1 and this band being so damn awesome they deserve some love, even if its a bit late.

Don't be fooled, only 9 songs correct but almost an hour of sound.

Mp3 audio source: mp3

01 So Say We All (By Magic We Will Win & Only Thus CDS 2005)
02 Most Basic Hagiography (By Magic We Will Win & Only Thus CDS 2005)
03 A New Mythology (Self Titled CDEP 2005)
04 Interlude I (Self Titled CDEP 2005)
05 Last Vestiges Of Rust (Self Titled CDEP 2005)
06 Interlude II(Self Titled CDEP 2005)
07 the Search (I, II, III) (Self Titled CDEP 2005)
08 Anticline (Split CDEP w/Belegost 2006)
09 Twilight Of the Gods (Split CDEP w/Belegost 2006)

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