Sunday, August 2, 2009

Die Kreuzen Cows & Beer / Steers & Cheese

Die Kreuzen Cows & Beer / Steers & Cheese

Sound quality is 'A'.

The Cows & Beer 7in was Die Kreuzens 1st official ep (7in), previous to it's release they had only issued a few tracks on compilations. Right and mine was stolen, the 7in that is ... shitty thing to do to a person, stealing their records and the like.

Compilations included here-in;

1981 Charred Remains
1982 Master Tape
1983 Americas Dairyland

Not included;
1984 Code Blue, I'm not sure if this was put out before or after the full length.
If you've a copy of this please share it, been waiting since like 1985 or 86 to hear this tape.

Cows & Beer / Steers & Cheese is something I've compiled. Steers & Cheese referring to the addition of the compilation tracks and Steers = Cows and Cheese = more crap Wisconsin is known for, kinda like a mirror, clever huh? Wow drop acid.

I think this covers all the pre full length self titled sonic bomb from 1984. If i'm missing something then its news to me and you'd be a right bloke if you told me and left a link to dl whats not included here-in.

Don't make me go all MES on you people ...

I'll post 2 more Die Kreuzen things in the coming days. You've prob got them already, but then they're not for you are they, but the people who've not gotten them yet.

Mp3 audio source: various, mp3 / cassette

01 Hate Me (Cows & Beer 7in 1982)
02 Pain (Cows & Beer 7in 1982)
03 Enemies (Cows & Beer 7in 1982)
04 In School (Cows & Beer 7in 1982)
05 Think For Me (Cows & Beer 7in 1982)
06 Dont Say Please (Cows & Beer 7in 1982)
07 On the Street (Master Tape Comp 1982)
08 All White (Master Tape Comp 1982)
09 Fighting (Master Tape Comp 1982)
10 Pain (Charred Remains Comp 1981)
11 Hate Me (Charred Remains Comp 1981)
12 Think For Me (Americas Dairyland Comp 1983)
13 Enemies (Americas Dairyland Comp 1983)
14 Rumors (Americas Dairyland Comp 1983)


Anonymous said...

Thanks This is GREAT Stuff!I'm from Milwaukee,and it's super hard to find this material,even here.I saw them live lots of times,and it's nice to have a record of that period.

vile76 said...

Hi and congratulations for this release. I do have all of them...

I do have also the CODE BLUE : TAPE and it's coming from old tape trading source from the good old days.

Get in touch and I'll send it :

Check my site :

Check my blog :

Bye and take care. VILE76.

danielrey said...

Thanks for this