Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Die Kreuzen Internal (Issued As A Promo Only)

Die Kreuzen Internal (Issued As A Promo Only)

Sound quality is 'A'.

This is ript from my cd, Internal was issued as a promo only, it never saw a retail release.

It offers nothing unissued but does include an interview done in 1991, split up over the length of the cd. It would seem from the interview that then band was ready to take the world by storm, but sometime within the year they started to work on different projects and never reunited to record or tour again.

The cd offers, musically, a glimpse of the band that influenced what became known as the 'grunge' scene. If Die Kreuzen had never issued anything after 1984 it's debatable if the grunge sound would have been what it was, it's generally not debated by most but is taken as a fact.

No Die Kreuzen and Seattle's sound would have had a different tone. Bands like Soundgarden are even noted as citing Die Kreuzen as a major influence.

As in most cases, if you originate a sound or style or riff, its unlikely you'll be known for it but the ones you influenced will make the riches.

Over all a nice comp but really lacking on Die Kreuzens punk power/roots. The only track from the 1984 Self Titled is the slower, more in line with the rest of the cd, All White. See the posts below for the hardcore punk die kreuzen. It's also a shame they didn't include 'Pink Flag' on here just as a bonus.

Mp3 audio source: cd

I don't have a scanner at home and am not to hip on taking my recordings outside the house, my scanner resides at work, so this is the only photo I could find of the cover on the interwebthingie. and a shitty one at that.

01 Deep Space (Cement 1991)
02 Big Bad Days (Cement 1991)
03 Downtime (Cement 1991)
04 Interview
05 Over & the Edge (Cement 1991)
06 Gone Away (Gone Away 1989)
07 Interview
08 Elizabeth (Century Days 1988)
09 No. 3 (Century Days 1988)
10 Interview
11 Man In the Trees (October File 1986)
12 Interview
13 Cool Breeze (October File 1986)
14 All White (Self Titled 1984)


JR said...

Great blog you have here. I realize this post is very old at this point but since I'm a big fan of this band & don't actually have this particular CD (have all of the recordings, tho) I thought I'd place my comment here.

This is a perfect introduction to the band despite its working-backwards set up. Start here and then go back to the earlier recordings and work your way forward. You'll be glad that you did...and mad as hell that you missed the band when they were around.

danielrey said...

Thank you