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At the Drive In Alfaro Vive Carajo 7in

At the Drive In Alfaro Vive Carajo 7in

Sound quality is 'A'.

At the Drive In's 2nd release was the EP Alfaro Vive Carajo. I've heard there are 2 different version of the cover, same art but different presentation. From what I can gather there is the image you see here and one that has the two masks shown individually and not stacked.

I personally don't know, I have this one and until I read the wiki excerpt below I didn't even know this was issued on cd.

Alfaro Vive, Carajo! was also self issued by AtDI like Hell Paso.

Wiki fun fact quote (actually the fact found in isn't very fun at all);

"Alfaro Vive, Carajo! is the second EP by At the Drive-In, released in 1995.

"Plastic Memories" is omitted from the vinyl release of the EP, and was later re-recorded and released on the El Gran Orgo EP as "Picket Fence Cartel". The back-up vocals on "Ludvico Drive-In" were done by Laura Beard and Sarah Reiser, who were friends with Bixler-Zavala and were also fellow band members in the short lived group The Fall on Deaf Ears. The two girls died in a car wreck two years later."

Mp3 audio source: 7in

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by AtDI

01 Bradley Smith
02 Instigate the Role
03 Ludvico Drive In
04 Circuit Scene

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