Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Repo Man Dialogue and Music Soundtrack

Tonight I'm posting the Repo Man Dialogue & Music Soundtrack, it's not my rip and was never completed but here's the history of the why.

This was done, if I recall correctly in 2001 or 2002, by a friend for me because I was going to reenlist in the army and I had been talking about all the music in the back round of the movie that wasn't on the soundtrack and how I'd like to have it to accompany me. We talked about listening to it on the road in the back of a transport truck watching the country side pass by.

Any way I didn't reenlist due to a few things my daughter said to me and I was 31 or something at the time, prob not the best time in life to get bullets thrown in your general direction and I hadn't been in the service since I was 20, so there was some time elapse there. Plus I had gotten out of college a year or 2 previous and the idea was to do better for my daughter not get blown up trying to get to Valhalla. No use to the lil lady dead.

Below is his original info pertaining to the rip and my nic didn't come from this movie (ottod... -rest of nic hidden to keep the guilty safe) but from high school german class and some dark day dreams ...

I don't know why it was never completed, I went off line for a bit around the time of the project but when I came back to the true undergroud of cyber space Juglesh was MIA and seems to have remained in that state. If you see this , PROST.

I figured it was too cool even incomplete not to share, enjoy.

Juglesh Info:

though i'd put these up, see what you all think.
Otto (otto parts?)i dont think this is what you want,
but oh well. There is no extra audio tracks on the dvd.
But, Jon said he would want a 'radio' version. The track
14 'malibu' is the only one so far with just music (maybe some
sound fx but no talking). I think it will be fun to listen to on
a road trip or somethin.

i used smart ripper, dvd2avi to strip the audio, then chopped
it up in wavelab. I normalized each track individually with
the waves L2volume maximiser thinger. some tracks i
monkeyed around with the volume and stuff, i have
taken some liberties with it, but takea listen, see if its cool.

lame alt preset standard 16 tracks (so far)

i will continue chopping this up and will post the whole thing
soon (if y'all like it). also, since ive got the thing ripped, i'l
probly try to make a svcd with it, and post that.

if anyone has any direct dvd to wav ripper, i would love to try it.
also any dvd to svcd all in one automagic deal that would be cool.
I am currently going by the guides at and doom9.

juglesh B>{)}

01 Iggy Pop -- Repoman Intro
02 Malibu -- Cop
03 Otto and Kevin in Store
04 Coup De Ta - Otto and Duke
05 Kevins Party
06 Ottos TV Party
07 Otto's 1St Rip
08 Otto's Get-away
09 Helping Hand Acceptance Co
10 Ppl Just Xplode
11 Room to Move as a Fry Cook
12 Couldnt Enjoy It Any More Mom
13 Repo Code ordinary Fuckin Ppl
14 Malibu
15 Goin North at 110 Per
16 Los Hermanos Rodriquez


Elvis said...

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah!!!! Awesome! This made my day!! Can you do "Suburbia", "The Decline Of Western Civilization" or "Straight To Hell" next?

louissyfer said...

glad you like. as stated in the details of the post I didn't rip the dvd, so even though I own all those movies except Straight To Hell I'm not set up to convert dvds to .wav -> mp3s

and honestly with the time that would take I'd never actually do that ..

if you find them else where let me know.

take care

auer said...

I discovered your blog. Many thanks to share your nma stuff. Very pleased to find the 1985 Lyon i saw. I have old k7 tapes of the Lyon shows of the 80's. I will try to convert it. If you are interested, let me know. Cheers

Crash The Driver said...

Thanks for the kind words over at The Same Mistakes. Love the blog--already downloading some Simple Minds. We've added you to our list of blog friends!


Crash The Driver

louissyfer said...


would love to hear your old tapes, I can host them here if youd like or better yet you can start your own blog! I have a few more NMA to go up now and thanx for a very nice trader in France about 20+ tapes to also convert and get up here soon.

louissyfer said...

thanx Crash the Driver will add your blog to my links area now, it is a great place, loved the Steve Sheears anda Ultravox! love set

icastico said...

Classic movie...
Cool stuff.

Anonymous said...


l3anyan said...

Wow... I loved that movie so much in junior high. I think I actually liked the broadcast version played on tv here in LA back around 1987 (all f words etc were substituted for flip which made for more laughs). Thanks for putting this up!

Anonymous said...

Can you re-host this? The mediafire link is no longer valid and I would love to hear this. I can even slip you a dub of the legit cd (I own it)