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Siouxsie andthe Banshees Live Warwick University March 09th 1981

Siouxsie &the Banshees Live Warwick University March 09th 1981

Sound quality is 'A'.

Lots more Siouxsie &the Banshees coming in the future, this one was handy and is a rip from Mostyn and below is the info:

"The BBC's 1981 recording of The Banshees at Warwick University has been
extensively bootlegged - it's perhaps been most widely circulated as the
"Strawberry Girl" LP.

I recorded this from a recent rebroadcast, and whilst it's by no means
studio quality, I think that the sound is better than on some of the
"commercial" bootlegs which you might have paid a lot of money for. As
always, the BBC tends to broadcast "edited highlights", rather than the
full show - and their choice of "highlights" tends to vary.

At the time this gig was recorded, the line-up had settled on Siouxsie,
Steve Severin, Budgie and John McGeoch, and the band were about to release
their 4th album "Juju".

Date: 9th March 1981
Venue: Warwick University
Source: A BBC archive recording, captured from a DTT (Digital Terrestrial Television) radio channel
Encoder: Lame v 3.91, VBR, Joint Stereo, q=1, Lowpass Filter = 16 kHz
Bitrate: min = 112k, max = 224k, average = 168k"

All that being said, I seem to find Siouxsie got better at singing live with age, to hear the Creatures live is to hear and almost always in tune unwavering Siouxise belt them out.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> Mostyn

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Paradise Place
02 Spellbound
03 Arabian Knights
04 Halloween
BBC publicity announcement snipped
05 Christine
06 Red Light
07 Eve White Eve Black
08 Monitor


Anonymous said...

The show was for the (TV) series 'Rock goes to College'. It was re-broadcast on TV here in the US in the US and I was able to point myself in the audience to my kids (well, they fell for it, it was someone who could have been me, there were a lot of people with blonde spiky hair in those days (!), but he was around where I was standing).

Anonymous said...

boy, thanks a lot for this. I used to have it on an old cassette tape when i was in highschool.Havent listened to it in like 15 years and it still kicks serious ass. Great tracklist and amazing sound. Great work mate!

Meredith said...

I love this show by them!

Anonymous said...

John McGeoch - what a guitarist!