Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Model Army Sadistic Pleasures 7in

New Model Army Sadistic Pleasures 7in

Sound quality is 'C'.

Info should be, Radio 1 broadcast of Nottingham Rock City Feb 28th 1989.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> ian mcdonnell

I own this but this isn't my rip so if there are issues, eat it. Great cover by the way, it would make Spinal Tap proud, or on a more serious make Sleep Chamber and Woman Of Sodom proud. Anyway me and some friends recalled memories of Spinal Tap today so ... hence therefore and so on.

I gotta take a break from NMA I still have more to post and a load of other bands I've been waiting to get up here, loads. And I'm not the best at updating this blog everyday with 3 or more posts so maybe a NMA time out is due.

Covers created by the person who did the bootleg. image from

Drag It Down
Stupid Questions

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Longy said...

Excellent work. Thanks again for these great rare NMA boots.