Thursday, January 29, 2009

New Model Army Fuck the Summer Of Love 7in

New Model Army Fuck the Summer Of Love 7in

Sound quality is 'B...minus'. Ok maybe a C but the opening line makes it hard to give it any less than a B...minus.

Mp3 audio source: mp3 -> ian mcdonnell

The only 7in I'm missing for my collection on NMA vinyl, I've never even seen it for sale.

It's that the recording is from Newcastle Riverside June 14 1990.

Covers created by the person who did the bootleg. image from

Get Me Out

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Anonymous said...


If you are still interested in this bootleg, I have a copy that I may consider selling if the price is right.


I am in the UK and in the process of sorting through my NMA collection and came across this single, I don't even remember buying it, so I did some searching on the web and came across this site.

This is a very limited edition and believe only 200 were ever made.

I will provide photographic evidence if required.