Saturday, January 3, 2009

Ladytron Promo Only Mixes

Ladytron Promo Only Mixes

Sound quality is 'A'.

I'm posting this because I know Ladytron issues a lot of takes on a single and there tends to be one mix that is always reserved for promo only cd's or vinyl.

I bought the Ghost cd promo single and it came with a mix not on any retail version and when I bought Destroy Everything 12in promo it also had a mix not sold in retail format same with the 10 track cd promo of Playgirl. One track never saw a retail release.

This mix of Ghost is my personal favorite aside from the original recording, it's an IDM flavored mix and is pretty amazing. The Destroy Everything mix is also the best mix they did, why these version didn't get proper retail release's is beyond me.

the version of Playgirl is a bit crap gen New Order (late 80s onward) and the other two I haven't really listened to more than once.

I decided to include tracks 3 through 5 because they haven't a retail issue and some people may really enjoy them.

For my tastes though tracks 01 & 02 are amazing the other 3 are fodder.

Mp3 audio source: tracks 01,02 & 03, cds & vinyl. tracks 04 & 05 mp3

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer. I used the Softcorejukebox cover image for this because it's nice to look at. If anyone knows of more images from their "Roxy Music" photo shoot let me know.

01 Ghosts (Modwheelmood Mix)
02 Destroy Everything You Touch (Tom Neville Remix)
03 Playgirl (Howie Ross Mix)
04 Blue Jeans (Winks Mixing Tool Interpretation)
05 Seventeen (Slam Dub)

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