Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Dipper Heavens

Big Dipper Heavens

Sound quality is 'A'.

Posted per req from a friend and filled due it being out of print.

As a bonus I included their track from the Wailing Ultimate comp "You're Not Patsy", which is my fav track by them, close 2nd is "What In Sam Hill..."

Homestead Records had many a great band on their roster including Naked Raygun, Big Black, Break Circus and Squirrel Bait to name a few putting Big Dipper in pretty damn good company.

"You're not patsy" is my rip and the lp 'Heavens is someone else's who's nym is still in the id3tag if I'm not mistaken.

Mp3 audio source: various - cd & mp3

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

00 Youre Not Patsy
01 Shes Fetching
02 Man O War
03 Easter Eve
04 Humason
05 Lunar Module
06 All Going Out Together
07 Younger Bums
08 When Men Were Trains
09 Wet Weekend
10 Mr Woods
11 Guitar Named Desire
12 Faith Healer
13 San Quentin Ca
14 What In Sam Hill...
15 Wrong In the Charts
16 Ancers
17 Loch Ness Monster


Jon B. said...

Hardly out of print. Merge reissued this last year along with other Dipper stuff in a three CD set!

Anonymous said...

no crap ... sweet jebus ... didnt know

Whos Merge? I'm pretty sure Homestead went under (sad) did Merge buy out some of the catalogue? I know Naked Raygun went to Quater Stick and Haunted Town, Big Black to Touch & Go, wondering if Squirrel Bait and Breaking Circus will get re pressed with goodies too ... Granted I cant even begin to tell you how many differnt versions and pressings of New Model Army, the Fall, John Foxx, Queen Adreena and the aforementioned I have. At some point they should be sending out free copies

Jon B. said...

You've never heard of Merge? This is Merge.

louissyfer said...

nope never heard of Merge, shocked? I'm not.

I have the Spoon ep and a few others but digital, shit quite a few others ... they did the 2003 Buzzcocks self titled? I have that but it aint on Merge.

Hot damn cracka

szmurf said...

Squirrel Bait was also re-released a number of years back. Good stuff. Weren't Snatches of Pink on Homestead too. They're still around. Also - What was the band that sang 'Why do Punk Rock Guys go out with New Wave Girls'?

Jon B. said...

"What was the band that sang 'Why do Punk Rock Guys go out with New Wave Girls'?"

That would be Great Plains. There's a two CD collection of their stuff that came out a couple of years ago.

szmurf said...

Thanks - I'll keep an eye out for it.