Tuesday, September 22, 2009

the Album Leaf Live Mains Doeuvres May 27th 2005

the Album Leaf Live Mains Doeuvres May 27th 2005

Sound quality is 'A'.

I'm finally in the process of moving, so post may be a while, have to switch over the isp provider so not too sure when I'll be back up, we dont move until next week but we're packing and going to see New Model Army and having our 1st anniversary on the 26th, so, I might post again in the week or it may be a few weeks.

More NMA posts coming in the near future thanx to a nice Frenchman, if you are reading this I've not forgotten about you.

About this show, 1st off if you don't know the Album Leaf are one of the best low fi, indie, post rock, IDM bands around, and this live recording is of excellent quality.

the Album Leaf is an instrumental band, actually until recent new recording sessions Jimmy wrote and played all the instruments on all his (the Album Leaf) records only using additional musicians on tour, rumor has it the new album will be recorded with a full band, I just hope Jimmy continues to be the main song writer.

Mp3 audio source: mp3

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by original photographer and the artist for the Album Leaf, I just merged the 2 images together and added the txt.

01 Window
02 Thule
03 On Your Way
04 Twenty Two Fourteen
05 Outer Banks
06 Brennivin
07 Eastern Glow
08 Micro Melodies
09 Vermillion
10 Spinning Make Me Dizzy
11 Malmo
12 Belladonna
13 Another Day


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Great post, great band

Really appreciate the live music focus of this blog