Tuesday, September 8, 2009

At the Drive In Fragments

At the Drive In Fragments

Sound Quality 'A'.

This is by no means all the rare stuff and I didn't want to include all the rare and unreleased from the Fearless reissues or This Station Is Non Operational but this comp seems to have a nice collective floe, if you get my drift.

To note the best track off the AtDI & Sunshine split, isn't included here but it is the Sunshine track 'Streamlined', seek it out and listen to it. By seek I mean buy the 12in or cdep.

Mp3 audio source: various - cd & mp3

Covers by AtDI, a bit of mani by yours truly.

Autorelocator (Sunshine Split)
Catacomb (Plea For Peace Comp & Burning Airlines Split)
Catacombs (Ross Robinson Version)
Doormans Placebo (Aasee Lake Split)
Incetardis (One Armed Scissor Single)
One Armed Scissor (Live On David Letterman)
Rascuache (Murder City Devils Split)



Anonymous said...

wow, thanks for the great at the drive-in posts! maybe this could be of interest for you: http://bajaindie.blogspot.com/search/label/Cedric%20Bixler%20Zavala
bye, phil

Anonymous said...
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louissyfer said...

thanx anon one of them only had one song in the zip, are you the original poster? if so can you repost?

Anonymous said...

no sorry, i´m not the original poster. just found that blog accidentally.
bye, phil

david said...

Hi - great blog by the way. I have two tracks (One Armed Scissor and Rolodex Propaganda) by ATDI recorded on the 'Jools Holland Show' (UK music prog) a few years ago if you're interested? I ripped them from a VHS of the show.