Sunday, June 7, 2009

Nisses Notter Demo 1983-84

Nisses Notter Demo 1983-84

Sound quality is 'A'.

I never knew too much about these guys except that they were from Sweden and like 12 at the time of these demos and the lp they issued. I think they might still be around issuing a lp every now and again. But I could be wrong on that too.

Brutal hardcore punk especially for their age. Which was only a few years behind myself so I had respected the young dudes.

Def worth a dl and a volume turned up listen.

Mp3 audio source: cassette

Cover created by .. well I don't rightly know!

01 Det Ar Krig
02 Fel
03 Pissefjang
04 Generoler
05 Jag Vill Inte Du
06 Nisses Notter
07 Kungen
08 Fred
09 Krigets Tyrranni
10 Krossa NRP
11 Dod & Pina
12 Regeringen

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Anonymous said...


Fun to see an obscure demo from Sweden, my country.

Here is the titles in English:

It's war
I don't wanna die in a nuclear war
Nisses Nuts
The King
The oppression of war
Crush the NRP ( The Nordic National Party )
Death and pain
The goverment

Cheers / Uffe