Friday, June 5, 2009

Dag Nasty Live Boston June 29th 1984

Dag Nasty Live Boston June 29th 1984

Sound quality is 'B/A'.

Vocals by Original singer Shawn Brown

Here is the rare gem of the Dag Nasty posts, I got this cassette some years ago when we was just lil kids, well ok so I was a teenager and it was like 1986 or 87 but still ... go with the flow man.

Pretty decent sounding show of early Dag Nasty pre dating Dave Smally and the album Can I Say. Also demonstrates how early some of the songs from the Peter Cortner era were developed. Seems at least half of Dag Nastys 1986 - 1987 was written in 1984. Why they didn't record and release it all on Can I Say and branch out from there is, for me as a musician, is baffling. Esp back when hardcore songs lasted 20 secods to 1:50 minutes on a whole.

Mp3 audio source: cassette

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created by me, thanx original photographer.

01 Under Your Influence
02 Can I Say
03 Fall
04 Values Here
05 Trying
06 Exercise
07 Crucial Three / One To Two
08 All Ages Show
09 Circles
10 Safe
11 Never Go Back
12 Thin Line


Anonymous said...

holy shit where'd ya get his gem at?


Anonymous said...

got as a tape as a kid from another kid, really cant remember the kids name .. im sure neither of us are kids anymore ...

Anonymous said...

I don't think this date is right and it sounds like Pete singing. good set anyway. Thanks

Anonymous said...


Washington DC.
w/Government Issue, D.O.A
(first show)

Seconds said...
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Seconds said...

I'm pretty sure this was at TT's02.14.87
Boston, MA.
w/The Bears, Verbal Assault

Anonymous said...

FYI this wasn't the '87 show (with Dag Nasty and Skull). Shawn wasn't in the band in 87.