Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the Replacements Stop Encouaging Us Live At the 7th Street Entry Minneapolis June 24th 1983

the Replacements Stop Encouraging Us Live At the 7th Street Entry Minneapolis June 24th 1983

Sound quality is 'B+'.

Super high energy, the Mats always had the rep of either putting a great show or a shiiiiity one .. and I mean shitty ... this is an example of the greatness.

This is a great Mats moment, if you dug them grab this.

Oh yeah, they even cover Motorhead on this one.

Info below from the source I received the album from.

"Recorded live at the 7th Street Entry, Minneapolis, June 24 1983
SOUND QUALITY: This comes from a great stereo PA
system tape. Because it's a PA tape, the vocals and drums
are a bit too loud in relation to the guitars, but the overall sound
is good and rates a 7 out of 10. "

Mp3 audio source: cd

Covers (single image-itunes/winamp) created das original bootlegger.

01 Hayday
02 Stuck In the Middle
03 Takin A Ride
04 Favorite Thing
05 Take Me Down To the Hospital
06 Love You Til Friday
07 I Wanna Be Loved
08 Job Country
09 Colored Me Impressed
10 Mrs Brown Youve Got A Lovely Daughter
11 Lookin For Ya
12 You Look Like An Adult
13 Fuck School
14 Hey Good Lookin
15 Why Flop
16 White & Lazy
17 Im In Trouble
18 Run It
19 Will Power
20 Ace Of Spades
21 Otto
22 You Lose
23 Temptation Eyes
24 Buck Hill
25 Punk Poop (1977)
26 I Will Dare
27 Mr Whirly
28 Gimmie Noise
29 I Hate Music
30 I'm Eighteen
31 Kids Dont Follow


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