Tuesday, December 8, 2009

New Model Army Live Rennes Lubu June 9th 1993

New Model Army Live Rennes Lubu June 9th 1993

Sound quality is 'A'.

As with the post below, thanx to Raf for sending me the tapes and this show is the other one he recorded.

I think there are 23 or 24 more tapes to go through, some stuff is already up here but over the next few months I'll get those shows and demos up here the best I can.

Also same as before, no real mixing needed on this one either, simply applied hiss filters to get rid of the back round tape hiss without taking away from the recording itself.

And we have on this recording a different intro to Vagabonds to what is on the 1991 show, if I remember correctly, and I might not, this is how they played it in Chicago in 1993 also.

"Lets hear it for the fuckin' drummer" ,.,... damn right!

2 part post coz even after all these seconds im still that same cheap ass bastid i was 5 minutes ago ....

Mp3 audio source: cassette

Covers created by me, thanx to the original photographer.

01 Get Me Out
02 Fate
03 Ambition
04 Stupid Questions
05 White Light
06 Believe It
07 Here Comes the War
08 Inheritance
09 51st State
10 Purity
11 Vengeance
12 Family Life
13 Green & Grey
14 Bad Old World
15 Vagabonds (Celtic Intro V2)
16 Poison Street
17 I love the World
18 No Rest
19 We Gotta Get Out Of This Place / In A Rut
20 White Coats
21 125mph




Anonymous said...

promised plenty more bauhaus some time ago ? i was looking forward to it, man ! :-)

louissyfer said...

will look some up and fit one or 2 in in the next week.

i didnt forget theres just some much of everything ... plenty bands I've not even gotten around to posting anything of lol ...

maybe i do have too much music ....

pffft hell no ...