Saturday, January 1, 2011

NMA Reposts

As requested both


have been reposted.

got a new pc for xmaz so the ripping will be a few more days. i got a mac so i have to figure it out.

stay tuned


Anonymous said...

Hey, thanks for answering my request and re-upping the Shot Between The Eyes.

Anonymous said...

Firstly, thanks for a great blog! So many musical treasures here... :-)

Secondly, I was wondering if could request some NMA reposts, when you get a chance?

The following posts have broken downloads:
(CD 1)
(CD 2)
(parts 1 and 2)


Anonymous said...

Hello, Please Please upload the links of "Interpol Where To Put This Bsides & Rare 2000-2003" again!, because the others are dead :(
It would be so great! :D

Thank you

Anonymous said...

Not sure if you're still active. If you are, any chance you could re-up the following NMA shows?
1) Velenje 27 May 2000 - cd 2 only.
2) Walhalla 31 March 1991 - cd 2 only.
Thanks in advance.

louissyfer said...

sorry everyone but media fire shut me down. too many TOS filed against my blog, which i find odd with the bands I support on here and i only post demos / live sets unless I have permission from a band member so if you're reading this and you've sent in a TOS go fuck yourself.

Ikwileruit said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ikwileruit said...

hello, if possible, can you re-up the modern english demos & peel session please? thank you very much in advance! :)

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khairul044 said...

Not sure if you're still active. If you are, any chance you could re-up the following NMA shows?

Anonymous said...

it's a bummer you've been shut down. i downloaded Radio Berlin months ago, but didn't listen to it until recently and i've been rocking the shit out of them. aside from sister sounds (because i couldn't find it) i've just ordered all of their albums from Amazon, and am totally pumped to hear the rest of the tracks. i see it's been a while, but i'll check back for news of a new download hosting service if you find one. many thanks for the great tunes i was able to download before you got shut down, but, again, bummer,

Anonymous said...

i found this site while searching for modern english, so for those of you looking for the demos and peel sessions, the sound files can be found here:

they aren't downloadable, but you can use your own resourcefulness to record them for yourself.

Anonymous said...

Hey don't seem to be able to d/load any items, is this blog still going? shame if not, some excellent music here, obviously great taste....:)

Anonymous said...

Macs r easy, dude